This platform tells the story of the ongoing journey of a post-conflict society towards a better life and resilient future. This platform documents Rwanda’s socio-economic transformation and highlights the country’s post-conflict experiences in finding solutions adapted to its everyday challenges. You will find specific information on Rwanda’s journey and key government initiatives shaping the country’s experience. 


Rwandas' experiences during the colonial era, the decolonization period and after the independence have shaped the country's transformation journey. In order to set the context right, this page sets a summarized picture of the historical background of Rwanda and its people.

National Vision

Rebuilding Rwanda after the Genecide against the Tutsi in 1994 started with addressing the most urgent issues. After recording tremendous development progress, informative initiatives are the pillars of the country's current focus.

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Following the devastating 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda has embarked on a journey of reconstruction, development and, more recently, socio-economic transformation.

This platform documents the approaches, policies, and programs that are fueling that journey. We welcome you to learn about Rwanda’s experience thus far.

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